• Beige Blazer with Zipper


    Simple lines in fashion are often used to make a big impact, and so it is in this case as well. Loose fit of this jacket compliments female figure and it hides a surprise with a smart, gentle wave of fabric on the back. In this version a humble jacket makes a lasting impression.

  • Double Breasted Jacket


    Reminiscent of regency sportswear when riding and hunting were popular pastimes, this item has a shape evocative of timeless grace. Styled to emphasize gentle curves of female lines, made from light fabrics to fit its active purpose and bring style to the great outdoors and serve well all women who favour style in action.

  • Purple Jacket


    Soft and warm cashmere is a lovely material for jackets. Although this jacket is subtly shaped, large front pockets with stylish flaps create an impression of a slimmer waist, which is further emphasised by two ornamental buttons on the front.

  • Blue Gingham Jacket


    This jacket marries the best of both worlds: military inspired details (epaulettes and line of the collar) and feminine lines. The fabric is gathered at the back to emphasise waistline, to which an eye is drawn through a use of a single button on the front.

  • Copper Waistcoat


    Orange-green herringbone pattern fabric adds another dimension to this design. It neatly unites straight lines of the zippers with rounded corners of pocket’ flaps. Whether for riding or a long walk, this style will add to the occasion.

  • Purple Waistcoat


    This design is a perfect match with our Purple Jacket, however it will look brilliantly as a key element of an outfit. It combines strong elements originating from a power suit, like the standing collar, with feminine, delicate peplum at the bottom of the lower pockets. Style and function at its best.

  • White Patterned Blouse


    This blouse is a recipe for a quick chic look. It’s stylishly frilly, with a lovely jabot, an element which made a great comeback at this year’s London Fashion Week. Light and delicate, matched with olive breeches or leather trousers it adds a dash of feminine style to an outfit.

  • Green blouse


    Loose fitting and virtually weightless, this blouse will add lightness to an outfit, especially when juxtaposed with straight lined breeches and high boots. In this design fabric flows around the body, playful, but not unruly. It is all thought through, the neckline and width of the cuffs can be regulated.

  • Copper Leggings


    Tight fitting leggings paired with loose fitting shirt or blouse result in an effortlessly feminine look. Straight cut and almost minimalistic design form with subtle details make it an undeniably elegant item, whatever the weather.

  • Grey Checked Jacket


    Our grey jacket bridges the gap between modern and folk. The design and choice of fabric is very contemporary. The delicate checked pattern and subtle folk-inspired embroidery is an elegant nod to the countryside. It also elevates it above trends, making its form timeless.