Lordica is dedicated to women passionate about country living.
We prove that femininity is fashionable under every circumstance, and we achieve that with an appropriate combination of luxury and function.
Quality fabrics are a staple of our collections: Italian and British woven tweed, wool and the finest suede, leather and warm, wind and water resistant 100% cotton from Great Britain.

An understanding of values

In our collection, you will find superbly crafted coats, jackets, trousers, shirts and vests. Each and every piece is made wholly by people passionate about tailoring and fashion design. In our team, we all have an understanding based on shared ideals. It all stems from the character of brand’s creator, Agata Muszyńska.
Having built a career working for the biggest names in fashion, she decided to create one of her own, dedicated to women who share her passion for elegant clothes made from quality fabrics.
Agata, although she lives in a big city on a daily basic, loves the countryside and the forest. She inherited her passion for being in the bosom of nature from her father. He was the one who taught her how to appreciate nature, how to discover the world around he, learn from it and about it. As a child, she would spend whole days with her father, out of sight, in a raised hide in a middle of a meadow with a solitary pear tree. They would sit and listen to the sounds of fauna, learning about their nature. Even today, when she goes outside the city, sounds of the country bring back those memories, landscapes of unspoilt beauty. Perhaps this is one of the reasons behind Agata’s appreciation of quality and elegant form. Being true to her nature, to femininity – elegant, subtle, yet decisive – is a theme present in all her collections.

Feminine Landscape

We, as women, have a certain curiosity about life. We have our passions; we care about them, they can absorb us, but they give us wings at the same time. We fulfil our passions never forgetting we are women, that we love to feel special, that we like to surround ourselves with items that suit our natures, our personalities, through which we express who we are and what we are like. We are special. Lordica is a part of that. For me, Lordica is a lifestyle. It’s about spending time in nature. It comes from me and through me; it’s a part of myself, my philosophy of life.”

Agata Muszynska, Founder and Managing Director

That is why she chooses fabrics that are true to their form, fitting to the landscape of the countryside.

Classic elegance, always on trend

Our collections prove that being classic and traditional can elegantly incorporate leading trends, and even be ahead of them…

Details are our domain. This is where Lordica’s devotion to quality is particularity visible. The line, the cut, the stitch, each has its place and is executed to the highest standard. Agata herself oversees the quality of the pieces. She is in a perfect position to do so, having graduated from International School of Costume Design, Universitet de la Mode and combining her experience in managing leading fashion brands.

Being the head designer, she is very aware of the trends. She creates them.